Team E.F.I all the way!

DSC_0024_14” I visited Nagapattinam last week and the pathetic state of these farmers scared me to my wits.They don’t have proper connections or quality water. On the brighter side, the ongoing restoration will be complete in another 20 days. You will be surprised to know that this lake can help three villages in it’s vicinity with water for both consumption and agriculture”, said Vajravel during his site visit to Nagapattinam. Vajravel.C, 26 has been with E.F.I for more than 1 year in our conservation team. His passion is environmental conservation. He is extremely passionate about his work and wishes to create a sustainable environment for birds and animals through this process.He is an avid reader and one of a Swami Vivekananda’s books deeply inspired him to join E.F.I. He wishes to be instrumental in taking the idea of environmental conservation to everybody. E.F.I appreciates all his efforts and wishes him the very best for all his ventures in the future.


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