The Story Of An Environmental Engineer

 “I strongly believe in the quote ‘”If not now,then when, If not you,then who”.
I believe that it’s my responsibility to bring back our environment to its pristine form”,said Sanjay Prasad. Mr. Sanjay has been with E.F.I for the past two years,working with our conservation team. An Environmental Engineer by profession, he feels the need to bring back the environment to it’s pristine form.
A few years back when he was travelling through the Mudumalai Tiger reserve, he spotted a group of monkeys approaching a car for food. He was surprised ,looking at how  the urbanisation has massively affected animals and their habitat. He understood that these animals did not have an option. Ubranization has encroached their homes and they have to depend on the humans for food and their other basic needs.
This made Sanjay think.
He wants to provide a sustainable environment for generations to come and also apply himself  to create real and sustainable solution to make this earth a better place. E.F.I wishes Sanjay the very best. E.F.I is thrilled to work alongside youngsters who  are truly our nations greatest assets.





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