A ‘Civil’ized Engineer!

P_20170525_105012.jpgRama Narayanan.H,23 is a Civil Engineer and has been with E.F.I for about two years now. He has been part of the conservation team and is one of our senior  volunteer coordinator. He has been studying the Hydro morphology of various water bodies in these two years. Currently, he is at Tirunelveli  where restoration efforts are happening at full swing to fight the drought conditions and this young man has been instrumental  in making these restorations happen. “When I was residing in nanganallur I felt very bad looking at the condition of  the Adambakkam lake. I thought I need to do  something for the lake and  revive it’s spirit. Then I  joined E.F.I to do my part”, said Ram who saw this incident as a motivation to join E.F.I.  He wishes to create a more friendly environment for the animals in the coming years. His passion includes wildlife conservation and forest farming. His hobbies are reading, pencil sketching and track running.”I still believe that we could create  a  model  which is holistic and sustainable and allows all  life forms to live in harmony”, said Ram. E.F.I is deeply motivated to see youngsters in the field of environmental conservation and wishes Ram the very best for his future endeavors.



3 thoughts on “A ‘Civil’ized Engineer!

  1. Wow ! Congrats Ram. Youngsters like you should be the torch bearers for the coming generation in keeping the spirit of conservation of nature alive.
    Hope many more youngsters are inspired by you.

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  2. Ram has been an inspiration for me. The work he has been doing in Tirunelveli is phenomenal. I wish him the best for all the initiatives that EFI takes towards conserving our natural resources.

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